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National  Events

All Club events are of course open to all members, so are organised by the local groups and the events on this page are organised to encourage all members to attend

 Events Coming up




  7th April—Newbury Show 4x4 sort out Club stand

 24th May to 27th May 2019

 National Rally Sibbertoft

 A wonderful weekend for members and
  importantly inexpensive

 8th and 9th June Ripon Classic car  show

 14th July Midland Run

 27th –28th July Kelmarsh show

 17th August—26th August 2019.

  Club holiday rally

  Venue to be decided

 14th & Sunday 15th September 2019.

  1st ever Transport Weekend, Club stand

   Driffield Yorkshire

 15th & 16 September LRO show Peterbourgh I am reasonably     sure these are the wrong dates, but it is as on LRO website

 6th October—Newbury 4x4 sort out Club stand

 27th October  Malvern 4x4 sort out Club stand

All Members are welcome to any events, we do get tickets to some shows and if possible we do make these available to members.  

Above is also a list of all the shows we are currently aware about, not all will have the full club stand at and we will always need help to help run the stands.