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Fitting window channel to a Series 3 Land Rover
The window channel we sell is a unique product designed by the club for
replacing the old steel and felt window channels originally fitted to the Series 3 Land Rover.
To do a front window should take around an hour,

1. Remove the old top channel. If you scrape along the channel, if you are lucky you will find the old screws which hold it in place. If not, just bend the inside edge up so you can remove the glass. If you are fitting it to an old window frame you will not have to remove the front section of glass

2. Now remove the bottom section and the upright section. The bottom section is not going to unscrew, so pull it out with grips (make sure you are wearing gloves & eye protection). Save ALL the spacers and remember where they came from as you are going to need them again. Cut to size the bottom channel and mark the position of the window lock. To cut the hole, drill a number of holes and smooth them out with a craft knife.

3. The channel now needs to be drilled to take the fixing screws. To allow the drill easier access, spread the channel with a flat blade. There is not much plastic thickness to allow counter sinking of the screw heads, but don’t worry, the bottom screws only act as a locating peg to prevent the channel from sliding about. The weight of the glass will keep it in place.

4.You then repeat the procedure with the upright and the top window channel. It isn’t important to counter sink the screws on these sections because there is plenty of room for the screw heads behind the glass. When it is finished the glass will feel tight in the runners, which is necessary to stop it rattling. Application of a little washing up liquid in the runner will allow the glass to move freely.
And that’s is the job is done